Katia's Office - Click to read more about my organized work space.

Katia's Office - Click to read more about my organized work space.

 Corporate organization is:
    • Personal cube and office organization
    • Office supplies and inventory organization
    • Assistance in office moving
    • Filing cabinets organization
    • Warehouse/storage organization
    • Customized presentations (e.g. office organization, de-cluttering, improving
       productivity, going paperless)


How can my company benefit from your services?
Companies of any size are always conscious about how to save money while being profitable and to make sure productivity is in full effect. So many times you will find companies understaffed with employees responsible for many tasks. Employees do not always have the time to organize company files, to update inventory lists and to organize warehouses among other tasks. As a result, companies order more supplies because they can’t find what they need, pay extra money for additional warehouses they might not need, and employees spend more time looking for files. There goes your productivity! I Love Organized Space can solve this issue in a matter of days by creating better organized systems and essentially saving money for the company in the long run.


What does the process look like and how long does it take?
ILOS and the company decide on the work schedule before starting any project.
However, the typical project will vary between one day to one week. Depending upon the size of the project, a group of 2 - 4 organizers would work with assigned employee(s) of the company to make decisions on the items at hand and make recommendations for a more functional system. The client does not have to have anything ready besides assigning someone to the task during the project. Organizing materials are recommended to be purchased, but not necessary. The organizers are responsible for creating and putting items in place. During this process, the organizers ask questions to better understand the needs of the company and how a particular space is being utilized so they can make better recommendations. After each organizing session, the organizers remove all rubbish and are able to take donations to a charity organization and obtain a receipt so that the company can obtain a tax write off.

Step one: De-clutter!     We will take everything out from the space that we are working in.

Step Two: Decide!          You make choices on what happens to everything in the space.

Step Three: Organize!    Find a place for everything and create systems that work for you to keep your space as clutter free as possible.    


What is the cost?
The organizing process can be viewed as work that is somewhere between cleaning services and design consulting. Prices are comparable for those types of services. Packages start at $800 for 6 hours with two organizers. Additional charges may apply for additional organizers, tolls and parking, organizing materials and shopping service fees. Custom packages are also available.