My Bedroom & Linen Closet


Linen Closet

In New York, linen closets become overwhelmed with a combination of multiple items. In other words a small closet can be used for more than just linens. Space is always a concern when living in New York, so you have to get creative, but keep it functional. In my case, I use my linen closet for linens, toiletries, house supplies, tools, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items. So categorizing everything and separating into its own separate bins and baskets is what keeps my linen closet organized. Besides, I don’t want to mix my linens with cleaning supplies. I used clear bins from Container Store and I purchased them in various sizes. I also purchased the woolen baskets and green deep bins from Container Store. Over the years, I rotate them from room to room and closet to closet based on what the needs are. And last but not least, I label everything with my chalk labels so everyone in my family can help themselves without asking, “Honey, where is the soap?”


My Console

My bedroom in my opinion is a place where I want to come to and relax. Therefore, my husband and I decided not to install a TV in the bedroom. Besides, a TV would be another reason why my kids would never leave our bedroom. So I purchased the TV Console from Home Goods at half the price of what any dresser would be and my husband loves the functionality of it. Over the console I decided to decorate it with the pictures of us and our family. I absolutely love this area in my home. It really reminds us first thing in the morning what it really is all about. I got some frames from Ikea, others from Home Goods and turned one from Michael’s into a yellow frame. I got a lot of this inspiration from Pinterest.


My Dresser

I got my black dresser when someone was moving out and left it behind. It was in horrible condition and draws were not pulling out easily. I asked my carpenter to fix it and paint it. I paid him $100 and now I have a beautiful and functional dresser. Then, I decorated the dresser with some items from Home Goods. Remember, someone else’s trash is someone else's treasure!

I like to use draw organizing items from Container Store to keep order and have easy access to all my items. I separated my underwear by color and put all my bras into carton box.  You can also use empty shoe boxes to separate items. I also like to fold my jeans and shorts and stack them side by side. I also do that with all my shirts and tanks. This way I can choose easily what I want to wear without spending time looking for something. 


My Ikea Wardrobe Closets

My room has only one small closet, but it has high ceilings. I really wanted to utilize the height of the room so I decided to design my wardrobe from Ikea. They have a lot of choices and are very reasonably priced. I chose black color because well I have small children and white is not the best choice to go with. Also, I can potentially move the closets to other areas of the home later on. What I really like about my wardrobe closets is it fits all of my clothes and I no longer have to rotate items seasonally. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made.

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My bedroom is not perfect and we know we have a lot of projects ahead of us, but in the meantime, I am not waiting, I am living my life to the fullest with pictures of my beautiful family right in front of me.