My Kids Room

I have two girls of ages five and two and they share a room. So this is a glimpse into how I manage to keep my girls’ room organized and functional.



A bookshelf is a very important component to any kids’ room. We have tons of books and two different age groups. I separated my books by language and dedicated one shelf to what we are reading now and another one for upcoming weeks. Another suggestion I like to give when it comes to books is to keep an empty box or bin next to the bed and when you finish reading the books that night, just put them in the box every night. Night after night the box is going to fill up and you can then rotate them back on the bookshelf. This process ensures that we are reading all of our books and not just sticking to our favorites. Also consider having something to separate the books like book ends or decorative items such as kids’ pottery projects. Give it a personal touch and have fun!




Toy Bins

Children have a lot of different toys and it seems to me that the older they get, the smaller the toys get. The only way to preserve the toys and make sure they are in good condition is to separate them into bins. I bought these foldable bins from Target and my shelving unit is over ten years old and is also from Target. I absolutely love it because it folds and makes it easy to move with from one place to another. My recommendation when it comes to toys is to rotate them for your children. Put some in front of them into easy accessible bins and put the rest out of their reach. Then, rotate the toys every two months. You will be surprised how much you will save on not having to buy new toys.



I am fortunate to have two separate closets in the girls’ room. First closet is for clothing and supplies. I keep diapers, wipes, creams, dresses, shoes, and clothing. I purchased the clear bins from Container Store and dedicated one for clothing for upcoming year, in other words clothes that are bigger than them. And another bin is for clothes that they outgrow and need to be donated. I recommend keeping a donation bin in every closet so as things are no longer used, they can make their way into donations. Once the bin is full, I take it directly to Salvation Army.



I also have a four draw plastic organizer also from Container Store where I keep shoes for the future. I divided each draw by size so it makes it easy for me to find what I need. And again my chalk labels from Michael’s have become very useful!

My second closet is for toys, games, and dress up. Lets face it, every little girl loves to dress up. In our case we have a lot of dresses so they are neatly hanging on the rod where they can see them and easily access. Plastic bins on the left are from Ikea and love them because they are stackalble and on wheels. Other bins are from Container Store and HomeGoods. I personally love how I can rotate my toys without a hassle and my kids enjoy the open room for playing creatively.


Decorative Touch

When I looked to personalize the girls’ room, I looked for their names on the website and everything was pretty expensive so I decided to buy plain white letters from Michael’s and decorate them with decorative tape. All in all it was no more than $30 for two names (10 letters and tape). I also added pretty pon-pons and pinned everything with Command strips. I use Command strips everywhere I can because they don’t leave damage to the wall and hold pretty much everything. Personally, I don’t think you need to spend too much on kids’ rooms as they grow fast and their interests change so you just have to be creative and get them involved so they are proud to be part of it.