My Kitchen Space

In my life, kitchen is where the day begins and ends. Maybe it is because of my Russian roots where I am accustomed to gather around in the kitchen for any occasion. I probably spend a majority of my time in the kitchen when I am at home. So for that fact it had to be one of the most organized areas in my home. 


Key and Mail

I have these wonderful hooks for my keys so when we enter the door, the keys have a home. And in case you are like me who has a lot of keys, color coordinating them will help with distinguishing which key is for what door. Also, it is very important to designate a home for all the mail. I simply labeled the two sections with “Incoming” and “Outgoing” and it makes the whole routine of managing the mail easier. 



Kids’ Corner

Because I am in the kitchen a lot, my children are also spending a lot of their time with me in the kitchen. So I created a section for them where they have all their arts and crafts organized and labeled. The cube furniture is great in every room and I managed to use it in the kitchen as well. I included these blue and green bins from Target where I placed their paint and play dough materials and labeled it with chalk labels. And a pin board is very helpful to add kids’ events and key dates. 


The Refrigerator

I am lucky to have two refrigerators – both in the kitchen. I don’t have a pantry, so I make sure I use my refrigerators wisely. One is for liquids only like milk, water, juice, and wine. My other refrigerator however is organized for everything else. One of the reasons bins are helpful inside the refrigerator is so you can easily see exactly what you have and can easily get to everything. Secondly, this process helps me with my grocery list. So when I need to make a list, I look inside the fridge and see which of my bins re empty. I also recommend labeling them with chalk labels so you can make adjustments easier.




Storing food is not the only thing the refrigerator is good for. I also use them as a message board for my family. We have our calendar on the fridge along with grocery list and personal family messages and reminders. My husband no longer asks me, “Honey, what do we need from the store?”. It is all on the fridge!


Snack Area

If your children are in school and you need to pack their snack and lunch every day, then you would absolutely understand the need for an organized, functional, and easy accessible area. And if you don’t have children, this is one of many ways to organize the cabinets. I got these bins at Container Store. It keeps all the snacks in its designated home and makes my life in the morning so much easier.



Most kitchens in New York are very small so I love using shelf raisers and under shelf baskets inside my cabinets. It helps me use every space well. I also recommend using lazy suzie for spices and oils. I just rotate and find exactly what I need without making a huge mess. And last but not least are my various size canisters that keep the dry food. It keeps the food fresh and gives the cabinets a more organized and pretty look. Key thing to remember is to include the expiration date on anything you put inside the canisters so you know when to get rid of it.