My Office Space

Getting an office for my business was something I have been thinking about for a while now. I started this process in our two bedroom apartment and at the time I was pregnant with our second child. I had my desk in my bedroom and was able to get most work done while still having a toddler sleeping in another bedroom. Since then, my office has moved into the kitchen area and then into a local café. I would pack up my computer and head to the café with my postcards and paperwork where I can get major uninterrupted work done. So now when I have two small children and my life is crazy as most parents’ are, when I saw an opportunity to get an office, I took it and made sure I made this into my own safe and beautiful get away heaven where I can focus and get inspired. So this is an overview of what I have in my office and how it all came together. This is also to show that no matter what space you have, it does not have to be perfect; it just has to be functional.


Office Desk

This desk from Raymour & Flannigan is about six years old now and it has survived three moves. Originally I wanted something white and sleek, but being on the budget, I decided that this is going to be perfect as is. It has draws and is a great size for the room. I decided to put the desk against the window to let natural light in and save on the cost of energy. I also brought in my green chair from my home which kicked off the color scheme for the office – green and pink!


Guest Desk

I always knew I wanted to have two desks in the office so my husband can use the space as well and it can be used as an option for an extra employee. I did not have to measure the corner where the desk was going to be, but I knew it had to be a small desk. I found a perfect fit in Ikea. It was not too big or too small and it fit great with the deco. And it was white and sleek! The best part, it was only $35 and it took me 15 minutes to put it together. 



Storage Solutions

In my organizing field of business, I need a lot of storage. In the past I have used my parents in laws’ garage to put a lot of donations there between organizing sessions. So from experience I knew how much storage I needed and what kind. I really love Container Store especially their shelving units. But again, I had to be conscious of my budget and had to get creative. So I purchased two cube shelf pieces from Ikea. I recommend them to a lot of my clients because they come in various colors, they are super affordable (only $69/each) and they are extremely easy to put together. I put one right by my desk and one in the storage room.

In addition, I brought a black bookshelf from home. It fit much better in my office then it did in my home. I believe it is from Pottery Barn from 2005. And I bought one large and one small shelving units also from Ikea each for $49 and $29 respectively. Again, they were super easy to put together and were in my budget. And one last large item I had to purchase was bins. I got many in various sizes and I recommend getting clear lids so you can see what is inside each bin easier. These were also from Ikea. Usually I shop at Container Store for bins for my clients, but Ikea is always a cheaper option if it is in your area.


Decorative Touches

I don’t pride myself on being a decorator or interior designer. I simply focus on space and how to make it more functional. So once the big items were in place, I knew I had to bring in reinforcement. I called my sister in law and we went to Home Goods. My largest item from there was my guest bench. I contemplated between getting two guest chairs to place in front of my desk or a bench. I did not want the traditional office feel, so I decided to go with the bench and I love it. Sometimes I even sit on the bench while working. It was $150, but I noticed a scratch on the leg and they gave me a $15 discount. So don’t be shy to ask. I also got a chocolate brown chair on sale for $69 for the guest desk area. Other decorative items included a clock, a few plants, vases, some flowers, picture frames, and candles. I also learned from my sister in law that when decorating an area, you must keep objects to odd numbers. So only include 1, 3 or 5 items on the shelf.


Other Items

Pin boards or dry eraser boards are a must in the office. I would recommend getting a few of them so the boards are not cluttered and you can organize your thoughts better. Bins, baskets, and more bins! I absolutely love all kind of bins and recommend having at least one in every room, especially since you can move them around and give a room a whole different feel and look. Bins are also great to hide any clutter you might have. I also added personal color scheme decoration to my storage solutions by simply cutting colored paper.



Chalk labels are the modern version of labeling! I got them at Michael’s and love using them everywhere especially storage bins. You can easily erase them and rewrite again without having to peel or buy new labels.