Katia Bogomolova

I’m Katia Bogomolova and I’m passionate about helping you control clutter. As a professional organizer, I create beautiful, functional living spaces for my clients whether they live in a large suburban home or a small downtown apartment.

I discovered my love of organizing long before I founded I Love Organized Space. Originally from Moscow, Russia, I traveled frequently as a child to play competitive tennis (in part because my father was a tennis coach). Eventually my entire family moved across the globe to Mexico and then to the US so my brother and I could get a better education — and improve our tennis game!

My mother was a natural organizer and taught me how to use every nook and cranny — no matter the size of the space. I’ve applied this knowledge to every home I’ve lived in and now I have the chance to do the same for my organizing clients.

I earned my MBA from Florida International University and my Bachelor’s from the University of Miami. After I moved to New York to pursue a career in business, I met my husband. We now have two beautiful girls.  

When my children were born, I discovered a new challenge: organizing an entire family. I wanted to create more balance in my life and spend more time with my daughters. That’s when I left my corporate job and created I Love Organized Space.

My approach to organizing is focused and educational. Through my hands-on residential organizing services, I create organizing systems and strategies that work for you.

Want help organizing right now? Visit my Tips & Suggestions page for creative organizing ideas or contact me for a complimentary one-hour consultation.