An Overview in Organizing Office Spaces

Office Space

This is to show that no matter what space you have, it does not have to be perfect; it just has to be functional.

Office Desk

This desk from Raymour & Flannigan is about six years old now and it has survived three moves. Having a budget to furnish an office could mean that if you have a desk that may not be the newest or trendiest design, but is the right size and doesn’t draw attention away from the overall theme or decor, then this just happens to be an excellent money saving option. An additional feature of this desk is the generous sized drawers . Another money saving tip which will help your wallet over time: put a desk against the window to let natural light in to your workspace, and in turn save on the cost of energy. The addition of a green chair kicked off the color scheme for the office – green and pink. It helps to introduce pops of color for these smaller items for a personal modern touch without breaking the bank.

Guest Desk

If you have space, a second desk in the office can be used as an option for an extra employee, business partner or significant other for additional workspace. Sharing one desk is not ideal if you want to keep it organized without sacrificing your own designated work space.


Storage Solutions

I really recommend Container Store, especially their shelving units. I would suggest Ikea for furnishing on a budget, as shown here these two cube shelf pieces are a great start that feature a minimal look that fits anywhere with the cubes of your choosing. I recommend them to a lot of my clients because they come in various colors, they are super affordable (only $69/each) and they are extremely easy to put together.

Shelving units like the one above are great space savers, with a simplistic look that also fits in with most styles. I believe this black bookshelf is from Pottery Barn from 2005, that I was able to save money by bringing from home. One large and one small shelving units also from Ikea each for $49 and $29 respectively. Again, they were super easy to put together and Ikea does not fail when shopping on a budget. One last large item always worth the purchase for necessary storage was bins. I got many in various sizes. I recommend getting clear lids so you can see what is inside each bin easier. These were also from Ikea. Usually I shop at Container Store for bins with a exceptional selection of modern and classic styles, however Ikea is always great, and a cheaper option if it is in your area.


Decorative Touches

You don’t need to pride yourself on being a decorator or interior designer. Simply focus on space and how to make it more functional. If you do not want the traditional office feel, I would recommend that you go with a bench instead of the usual two chairs. It offers a different kind of flexibility and modern overall feel comes together. Shown here for just a few of the many examples of other decorative items include a clock, a few plants, vases, some flowers, picture frames, and candles.

A little interior decor tip for the most logical aesthetic placement: In any one area, you should keep objects to odd numbers. So only include 1, 3 or 5 items on the shelf. Doing this creates a consistency and logical flow, with the right color and size, it will complement the furniture it has been placed upon.


Other Items

Pin boards or dry eraser boards are a must in the office. I would recommend getting a few of them so the boards are not cluttered and you can organize your thoughts better. Bins, baskets, and more bins! I absolutely love all kind of bins and recommend having at least one in every room, especially since you can move them around and give a room a whole different feel and look. Bins are also great to hide any clutter you might have. I also added personal color scheme decoration to my storage solutions by simply cutting colored paper.

Chalk labels are the modern version of labeling! I got them at Michael’s and love using them everywhere especially storage bins. You can easily erase them and rewrite again without having to peel or buy new labels.