How to Organize Your Calendar

Organizing any calendar whether it is for yourself only, for your company or an event, or for your entire family can be a very challenging task. There are many elements to think about and consider. For example, as I sat down to organize my calendar for the fall, it is a task I took very seriously for a couple of hours. However, I like to make this process as fun as it can be all while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

So here are my few tips in organizing your calendar:

  • Set time aside! It is not something you can complete in just 15 minutes so plan accordingly and make sure you don’t have any interruptions. Let’s face it, you don’t want to drag this process for hours if not days.

  • Get everyone’s schedules (school calendar, events and activities, parties, etc.), events, key dates, reminders, and anything else that needs to go on the calendar. Make sure you havethose days in easily accessible to you. Any information such as location and time is also important to have ready.

  • Get creative! Get color pens and markers, colorful tape, stickers, post-its, and anything else you think you want to use to make your calendar work for you. You can use different color pens for each individual of the family, or categorize it based on an event type. I once had a client who loved to accessorize her calendar with stickers and she had every type of sticker you can imagine.

  • Digital organizing can be fun too! There are so many options with calendars online now that everything you can do in writing you can do sometimes better digitally. For example, Pinterest has many ideas on how to organize a digital calendar.
  •  Have fun! There is no perfect way in making an organized calendar. It has to work for you! So don’t worry what other people are doing. As long as the calendar is helping you stay organized, it is working for you. So play with different ways to organize it and see how it works for you and if does not, make adjustments to it. For example, I love to use pencil in my calendar for the simple reason that I can erase it if something has changed or got cancelled. I like to highlight certain events and use symbols to remind me about important events. 

  • Create a command center! I believe that if there is more than one person in the family, a calendar has to be easily accessible to everyone so everyone can stay updated with the schedule. The last thing you want to happen is your husband asking you, “Honey, who is picking up the children on Wednesday from soccer practice?”