How to Plan for a Successful Garage Sale

Summer is coming to an end and what a better time to arrange a garage sale than while the weather is still good. The kids are around to participate and have fun and most importantly you get some of the clutter out of your home. You will be surprised just how motivated your children are to get rid of items in their rooms they no longer use or like if they are allowed to keep a percentage of sales. You can also use the money to purchase back to school supplies. So here are a few tips on how to organize a successful garage sale:

  • Pick a date like a Friday or Saturday and place an ad in your local newspaper. Advertise online and on social media. Make sure your ad is short, to the point and does not list your phone number.



  • ­Create “garage sale” signs and place them around the neighborhood. It is a great time to get the kids involved in this project and make it a family affair. When placing signs around the neighborhood, make sure that they are in prominent locations with lots of car and foot traffic.

  • Decide on items around the home that you want to sell. You can go from room to room and identify anything that does not provide any purpose. Make sure to part with items that you have not used in a very long time, because you probably will not use it again.

  • Good hospitality brings people in so entertain the idea of having a lemonade stand or serve cookies to anyone who buys something. Again, this is a great way to include your children and teach them about money.


  • Price everything the day before the sale. You want to make sure that on the day of the garage sale you are calm and organized and know the price of all items. It is best to separate items into categories and separate bins. Be reasonable on pricing.­

Give everyone in the family a role. If needed, seek help from other family members. Make sure to assign a cashier, someone to greet the guests, answer questions, and maybe someone to run errands. You never know what might come up so you want to be prepared.