It's Time for a Little Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! It’s time to put away your winter coats and enjoy the sunshine. As the weather warms up, take advantage of the season and do a little spring cleaning.

Use the tips below to retire your snow boots and break out your favorite spring flats.

1. Rotate the clothes in your closet.

Pull out your summer clothes and air them out, if necessary. Go through your winter clothing. Donate or throw away anything that you don’t want, including items that are unflattering. Use underbed storage or high shelves to put away winter clothes for the summer. Polish winter boots before returning them to their storage boxes. Place all your spring and summer outfits neatly in your closet.






2. Give your car a makeover.

Spend some time in the driveway cleaning your car. Take a plastic trash bag and grab all the trash, like receipts and plastic fast-food cups. Then gather anything that’s not trash but doesn’t belong in your car, such as loose change.

Remove the floor mats. Vacuum the carpeting and seats. Use cleaning wipes to dust your dashboard. Then wash all the salt and grime from winter off your car. If you’re very ambitious, give it a wax to protect it from spring showers. 

3. Organize your entryway closet.

Chances are your entryway closet has collected gloves, hats, scarves and coats from the last few months. Replace those items with things appropriate for the season. Store 2-3 umbrellas along with a few light jackets.

4. Deep clean.

Vacuum all the surfaces of your home. Get under the cabinets in your kitchen. Vacuum under large furniture like dressers and beds. Use the upholstery tool to vacuum couches and chairs. Remove dust from walls, windowsills and ceiling fans.


5. Let the light in.

Clean your windows with white vinegar and hot water. Use a squeegee to avoid streaks. Wash window coverings. Sweep the porch and entrance to your home. Clean outdoor furniture and check light fixtures for damage.


6. Update your medicine cabinet.

Check the expiration dates on medicine. Toss old cosmetics and hair care products. Resupply your first aid kit. Make sure you have enough bandages and first aid ointments. Don’t forget sunscreen with summer just around the corner.

7. Control paper clutter.

With tax season over, scan, file or shred financial documents. Review your files for outdated paperwork you can throw away. Re-read your contracts for home insurance, car insurance and utilities. Don’t forget digital files. Organize your computer files and backup important items like family photos.