Smart Storage for Kids

Kids can challenge even the most organized parent. Clothes, toys and books are often the main culprits. These items have a tendency to spread out all over the floor or travel to other parts of the house.

If you find yourself constantly picking up everything from your kids’ toys to their shoes, here are a few smart storage solutions for your family.

Rolling Bins

Versatile and mobile, rolling bins are great storage for toys. Low to the ground, it’s easy for your child to select and return toys to their place — at any age. The wheels give you and your child the opportunity to move groups of toys into the living room without much hassle.


Floating Boxes

Install cubbies on the walls of your kids' rooms. A square or rectangular shape provides more storage space than floating shelves. They're perfect for displaying your children's most valued possessions.

Repurpose Bookcases

The shelves of bookcases can be used for much more than books! Folded clothing, extra bed linens and toys can be neatly and easily stored away. Add baskets or bins to hold smaller items.

Durable Plastic Bins


Plastic bins, with or without lids, make the best storage containers for sports equipment and shoes. If your kids share a room, have each child choose a different color. This will help them personalize each child’s space and prevent arguments.

High Shelving

Shelves, installed close to the ceiling, are best suited to display items like trophies, artwork and photos. The placement ensures your kids can showcase their achievements without any chance of damaging their keepsakes.

Underbed Storage

Plastic bins, canvas boxes or metal buckets can be stored underneath your kids' beds to hold just about anything. To keep your children's closets uncluttered, use the space to store out of season clothing.

Repurposed Shoe Bags

Though normally hung behind closet doors for shoe storage, these canvas bags can be repurposed for craft supplies. You can store pencils, pens, paintbrushes, scissors, rulers and just about any other art supply in the handy openings. 

Homework Nook

Kid storage isn’t limited to their bedrooms. Utilize unused space in the rest of the house to create a quiet space for your kids to do their schoolwork. Streamline your evenings by creating a nook near the kitchen so you can help with their homework while making dinner.

When choosing a storage solution, make sure it works for you and your family. Make your kids a part of the decision-making process. Ask them what type of storage they’d prefer. Simply allowing them to select a color scheme can make organization and clean up just a little more fun.