Want to Get Organized - Throw a Party!

I am a mother, a wife, a cook, a driver to my kids, and a business owner just to name a few of my many hats. I am also an Organizer who prefers to have every item in my home to serve a purpose and have a place.

I find that for people to be motivated to get organized they need a fast approaching deadline or a sense of urgency in order to get things accomplished.  So I say, throw a party!  Yes, you heard me.  Invite some people over and set the table.  Now you are really going to think twice about dumping things on the dining room table at the end of the day knowing that a party is right around the corner.

Over the weekend I hosted a ladies night at my place. Like with any other get together or party I throw, I had a “to do” list for the event.  What I love to do is walk around my home with a pen and a pad and write down all the projects that I have been avoiding – big or small.  You can tackle all the projects or just choose a few important ones.  Every day before the lead up to the party, try to complete something off the list.  I had many items on my list and honestly, I was amazed that I was getting them done in such a short period of time.  I literally had eleven items to complete in five days.  For example, I had been avoiding switching the duvet in my bedroom.  Because I could simply just add the task to my morning or nighttime routine, I got that done in minutes and scratched it off my list.

I guess in the end we cannot always stay organized, but we can set up processes to help us get there.  Why not celebrate our success with a little celebration.

So go ahead and set up a fun event and get organized!