Tips for an Efficient Kitchen

For many families, the kitchen is probably the area that is most utilized as opposed to any other areas of the home. This is where we gather to discuss the day’s activities, share stories over drinks, do homework, and of course eat and prepare meals. 

One of the reasons we dread stepping into the kitchen at meal time is lack of an organized pantry or space to work with. When your kitchen is out of control it can be difficult to comprehend what you have and what you can do with it, making the originally fun idea to cook, something special a little terrifying. 

An organized kitchen will make for a much easier and more enjoyable time cooking and here are a few of my go to tips and changes to regain the control of your space:

• Keep like items together! It only makes sense that the coffee filters, sugar, and creamer are together near the coffee machine, but with so many hands going in and out this can be difficult. Designate a space for all like minded objects, this way everything has its place. All appliances that are not used on a regular basis can be stored together and out of the way. Just make sure they are separated from everyday items.

• Organize based on accessibility! If you bake a lot, all your baking supplies andbaking pans should be easily accessible to you this will help cut time and energy when searching for a cupcake pan or cookie cutter. A great place for these items is a lower cabinet, steer clear for putting them in difficult to reach places that may require step stools or re arranging.

• Avoid stacking! Although it looks like a space saver, it actually creates more disorganization. Its much easier to retrieve a pan when you don’t have to move five layers of items sitting on top of it.

•Invest in organizing items! Turntables are a quick and easy solution to organize spices and oils. Also think simplicity, shelf raiser under the sink and cabinet will save space while bins and baskets can help organize items by category.

• One in, one out! When you purchase something new, throw away something old. This simple task can help you avoid having multiples of the same appliances and more space for the newest item on the market! Taking real estate over your cabinets shows whose in charge!