5 Steps to Mastering a Messy Closet

Mastering a messy closet is one of those tasks we put off like the plague. It is overwhelming to think about the decades of clothes and shoes that we may have hidden away. It is even more terrifying to think about what to throw away. However, de­cluttering your closet doesn't have to be scary. In fact, it can actually feel great to rid yourself of items you no longer need.

Here are 5 easy steps to a minimalist closet that will surely help you!

1. Set aside some uninterrupted time... say a Sunday evening with a glass of your favorite red wine and a mind set to get it done. We also recommend preparing ahead of time by having everything you need ready to organize your closet including boxes, baskets, and bins. Depending upon the size of your closet and items you own, you should be able to gage what you need.

2. Take everything out so you are starting with a blank canvas. Then you begin the process of sorting. You can put everything into one pile or separate everything into piles based upon article of clothing.

3. This is when the decision making comes in. As you go through your pile, separate everything into 4 smaller groups ­ keep, maybe keep, throw away and donate (see, you are already making progress!) The “maybe” pile should be things you were really on the fence about. We recommend holding on to these pieces for another 6 months. Always remember to try on questionable clothing if you are having trouble making a decision. The “keep” pile goes back in the closet, while the donate pile is a great way to give back to your local community. Reach out to your local homeless shelter or clothing drive.

4. Now as you put the “keep” pile back into the closet, it is best to put it back in the most organized way. If you have a thing for colors, try color coding. If you like to separate by necessity, then put those items of clothing you wear the most in the most accessible area.
Whatever you do, make sure when everything is put in the back in the closet, it is returned neatly so you really feel like you are starting fresh. We also love wooden hangers for keeping your clothes neat.

5. Deal with the other 2 piles right away. The “maybe” pile gets boxed up and stored. The “throwaway" pile is put into bags and taken out the next day.

Finally, sit back, relax and admire your work. You have just accomplished something great!