All About Hangers

Hangers are like the fundamentals of any relationship. Everything in the closet starts and ends with hangers. This is just my own personal and professional opinion, but hangers determine the mood of the closet. When I walk into a client’s closet, first thing that my eyes are drawn to are the hangers. You would think that I am looking at the shoes and the bags, but in reality, I get so distracted by all the wire hangers or hangers that don’t have clothes on them. In fact, I itch to just start taking them out. And so often I have done that to illustrate to my clients how much space these suckers take up. I absolutely hate wire hangers and for multiple reasons. First and foremost, they are transitional hangers. Something you bring your clothes on from the dryer. They are not met to be in the closet as permanent hangers. They are also not durable and most importantly they are ugly. With all the hanger options out there on the market, we should not be using wire hangers. But how do you choose which hangers are the right ones for you? Here is the breakdown of hangers to help you get informed:

  • Wooden Hangers – these hangers are very durable and look great in the closet. They have different varieties with the loops on the side and clips for hanging pants and skirts. However, they are not ideal for sweaters because they can stretch out the shoulders. Also these hangers don’t hold the silk type of clothing or lighter fabrics very well. I love using these for men clothes.

  • Velvet Hangers – These also come in variety of hangers and look beautiful as long as they are all the same color. They are durable, but not as durable as the wooden hangers. They also hold lighter fabrics the best. I also like them because they are thinner then wooden hangers and don’t take up so much space in the closet. So these are best for women clothing since the clothes are not very heavy and you can use them for different types of materials and clothes.

  • Pants and Skirts Hangers – There are different types of hangers for this purpose. Some hangers have clips on both sides. Others come where you can hang more than one pair of pants. If you have a smaller closet then the multiple purpose hangers are the best, but if you have a larger type of a closet, then you should plan on using hangers that you can individually hang. Whatever you choose, make sure it matches with the other hangers you already have in the closet.

  • Plastic Hangers – In my opinion they are the best for kids clothing. They are not great for lighter fabrics because you will wind them slip off the hangers. Also, they are not as durable as the velvet hangers and wooden hangers. They do however come in different colors which you can use great in the kids’ closet. And they also come in smaller sizes for baby clothes.

So now that you have 101 on the hangers, choose wisely and don’t get a hangover!