Coat Closet Guidelines

So many times I see coat closets that have become storage closets or better word a dumping ground for other items in the house. So what happens to the coats, hats, and shoes? They start spilling over into the living room. And then we start saying that we don’t have enough space? It’s not the lack of space, because if you organize your coat closet properly and even leave some room for storage purposes, then you won’t have to put your coats in the living room or other place in the house. So here are some guidelines to the coat closet:


 De-clutter and keep only those coats that you love and wear. You should not keep a coat that your mother in law gave you five Christmases ago and you never wore it. Neither should you keep anything that is not comfortable or does not make you look good. By de-cluttering you can also see what you need so next time you are in the store, you are shopping with a purpose.


Proper Hangers

Invest in proper hangers. I love to use wooden hangers or anything that is really durable for heavy items. Read about my recommendation on hangers. Get rid of plastic and dry cleaners hangers, they just make the entire closet look messy and loose shape after a while.


Two Finger Rule

Apply two finger rule! Your hangers should be about two or three fingers apart in the coat closet. Basically, put two fingers between each hanger to make sure that there is enough space between each item. What this does it creates order and prevents your coats from wrinkling from when they are pressed close together. It is also useful to use the one finger rule in other closets for not so bulky items.


Bins & Baskets

Get bins and baskets for the upper shelving. You can dedicate and organize a bin to each family member. You can place some bins on the bottom for little one to have better access to them. You can also use the bins for other items in the closet to store and organize.


Revisit Your Closet

Revisit your closet every season. Nothing stays organized unless you maintain it and the same goes with the coat closet. Make sure to look at each item individually and decide if you are keeping it or donating it.