Getting Started on Organizing

Organizing is a process and there is no easy way. It's not like you can make a wish, and just like that your space becomes clear of clutter and your room becomes picture perfect. The good news is, it can be exactly what you dream about, you just have to get started. Like many of you reading, sometimes getting started is the hardest part for me. I think of everything I need to do prior to getting started and how it needs to be ideal time and situation for it to really work. Well, one thing I learned in my life in is that there is never a perfect time. In fact, that word "perfect" should not be used while organizing any space. Space just like people always has room to be improved. With that said, think of a project that you have been thinking of tackling. Don't over analyze it. Just pick a day and time to "get started". Make sure your time committment matches the work at hand. What I mean by that is if you want to organize your closet, and you only have 30 minutes, it might not be enough time to complete the task. Instead, focus on one or two areas in the closet that you can organize in that time frame. That way, when you are done, you will feel like you accomplished exactly what you set out to do. Remember, it does not have to be perfect. You just have to get the wheels in motion. When you do, you will feel liberated and excited about your progress. You will think to yourself, why did I wait so long to get started? Why didn't I do that earlier? What was stopping me? All that is irrelevant! When you have started the process, just focus on the process and all the progress you are making! After you are done with your project, take a deep breath and look around to see what you have accomplished! This is very important. How else will you know what you have done? Celebrate!!!!! This is where getting started is valuable.


For a long time I thought I was not ready to have my website published. It did not have all the pictures I wanted, and overall I wanted to add more content, etc.... The list goes on and on with what I wanted. All those excuses were getting me no where. So I just did it! Of course it is a work in progress and I can make it better. But you know what, so is my journey in this business and in my life!!!