Holiday Gift Shopping

Holiday gift shopping is an exciting time of the year. There is the shopping, the gift wrapping, the and off course the spirit of giving the gift to someone you care about. There is so much joy and love during the holiday season, but it can also be stressful at the same time. It can also end up in a very nasty arguments between the spouses after the bills arrive in the mail. So this is the best time to plan ahead and plan accordingly before on purchasing anything for the holidays.

Here are a few tips on how to make a holiday or any shopping spree a success:

Create a list of recipients – a list of people to whom you would like to give gifts to is very important. Otherwise you will forget someone and end up looking really bad or have to buy a last minute gift that might be too expensive.


Create a budget – a budget is supposed to be thought about before you purchase anything so that way you are staying within guidelines and there are no surprises at the end. Whatever your budget is I would recommend adding another 10% of the total budget because most people go over their budgets.


Research deals – A lot of stores around the holidays provide discounts and special deals. There is no excuse! If you want to save money, do your homework and spend a few minutes looking for coupons and discounts.


Don't shop with children – Although I love children and have two beautiful girls, I know first hand that shopping with children can be distracting and overwhelming. It can also cost you more because you won’t be able to make the most informative decision and you might spend money on a toy for them that you did not intend on buying.


Shop with the list – Always, always shop with the list! This will help you stay focused and on a budget.


This printable checklist can help you plan a budget for everyone on your list! Download here.