List to Plan Any Party

Planning any party small or big requires planning. You need to think ahead and be organized. And with holidays around the corner, this is the perfect time to start. You can also apply this list to keep you organized to any other event! It can be a birthday party for your child, a small dinner get together or a larger event, regardless, it can help you stay organized and ahead of the game!

  • WHAT? What is the event/celebration/occasion?

  • THEME? What is the inspiration? Colors?

  • DATE? When is it is?

  • TIME? How long is the event for?

  • LOCATION? Where is the venue?

  • WHO? Who is invited? Who is coming?

  • INVITATIONS? What form are the invitations send in?

  • FOOD? Appetizers? Type of dishes?

  • DRINKS? Alcohol?

  • DESSERT? Cake or cupcakes?

  • DECORATIONS? How are you decorating the party?

  • FAVORS? What are the giveaways?

  • OUTFIT? What are you wearing?

  • BUDGET? How much are you spending?

This printable checklist can help you plan everything in advance.  Download here.