Lots of Space, Now What?

Unless you live in New York, space sometimes is not an issue. In fact, you might have a lot of space, so much so that it is hard for any New Yorker to imagine having that much. Well, if you are faced with a problem of having too much space, you are probably asking yourself, what do I do with it. Off course you want to decorate it and get smart furniture to compliment the look of your space. But here is the trick, just because you have space, does not mean you have to fill it up with things. A lot of times when I work with my clients, I see them make the same mistake. As they go through the process of uncluttering and creating better space, they want to go back and fill that empty space with something else. This is what they are used to do. This is their old habits kicking in. This is what makes them comfortable. Unless you want your new space to look like it was before the organizing process, you have got to change your habits. Remember, just because there is space does not mean you have to fill it up. For example, when organizing a book shelf, sort out all the books you really want to keep. Then neatly organize them on the shelf. If your bookshelf has more room, it does not mean you need to fill it up with more books. You can decorate it with other items like memorabilia or picture frames. In some instances, you can actually leave the space empty. Give it a try and see how it feels to you.