Managing Incoming Mail

Paper clutter seems to be the number one frustration when it comes to clutter. Most of my clients complain about this problem because they simply don’t know how to tackle the situation.  Even in this day and age of technology, paper clutter still finds its victims. There are many different ways to manage mail, organize files, and maintain your home and work areas clutter free.  First and foremost, one needs to get started. So here are three easy steps in managing incoming mail:


Step 1: Open the mail when it first arrives! Try to manage the mail when it first arrives without putting it aside for too long. Toss out  anything you have access to electronically - like bank statements and cell phone bills.  Also, get rid of any offers and coupons you know you are not going to use.


Step 2: Sort and organize! After you open the mail, sort into the following categories:
- To Pay
- To File
- To Address
- Coupons/Deals

Add any other categories you need based upon your own situation. Dedicate an area in your home/office where you are going to place these papers. I personally love using the desktop file because it is small and perfect for keeping active files handy on the desktop and is easily portable.


Step 3: Schedule time! Now that you have created a system for your mail, it is a matter of keeping it organized. Dedicate a time to address all the folders in your desktop filer. I like to address my papers every two weeks so the files don’t become overloaded with paper and clutter.  Once everything is addressed, all paper needs to be tossed or filed in a larger filing cabinet.  Personally, I would recommend keeping as little paper as possible in order to keep your space organized.

Hope this helps you with managing your mail.  If you have any other helpful suggestions, please feel free to share!