Manifesting the Move

I have been wanting to move for a long time now. In fact, when my husband and I moved to our building, we did not think we were going to stay there for five years. In those five years, we have had two children, started new businesses including my “I Love Organized Space” organizing business, and we also met lots of great people in the process of living in the building. Eventually, when we realized we are outgrowing our small two bedroom apartment, we decided to look at what else is in the area and surrounding areas that is better and bigger.


So my journey started two years ago when we were pregnant with our second child and I probably looked at over 20 apartments and houses that would fit our lifestyle. And in those two years something always came up like a financial emergency, birth of a baby, apartments being too expensive, and the list goes on. I came up with every reason why our current building was so great and it was, but I was not ready. So I would put the move on hold and then restart the process a few months later when I felt like the walls were closing on us again. I was getting frustrated and tired, only to realize much later that everything has its time. I knew that I needed to start doing something different. So I decided to manifest the move as if I already knew where I was moving to and it was just around the corner. I made a list of everything that needed to be decluttered. It was a 30 day list that required me focusing on every area in my home one day at a time. It was a process I was excited and committed about because I wante change. Every day I would spend anywhere between 15-30 minutes decluttering and really asking myself if I needed and wanted these items in my new home. I started getting rid off the furniture. Coffee table went to the storage room, a dresser was given away, and a couch was given to a neighbor who had a larger apartment. Again, I did not know where and when I was moving to, but I knew this process eventually will help me. Everyday I had a bag of donations that I either would take to a local donation center or give it to my babysitter. It felt good to create space and know that someone else can benefit from my donations.


Two weeks into the process of decluterring, we woke up to a flood in our apartment. A pipe broke two floors above us and it looked like it was pouring in our apartment for a couple of hours. After a few hours of trying to save our home items from the flood, I had enough. I texted a friend who I knew was moving out of her home and asked if she already had tenants. Long story short, by noon that day I had a new home!. A few days later, I have been analyzing what has happened not just in the last few days, but few weeks and the few years. I realized that even though my intentions were to move, I was not ready! Like I said, everything happens at its time and for a reason. I had to manifest my move to really seek it out and it had to be the flood to give me the final boot. After all, everything happens for a reason and now I can actually start getting ready to move once again and makng it a home.