Massive Magazines

I love receiving my magazines in the mail and going through them from beginning to end. However, these days I am lucky if I finish reading just one article. So I put the magazines aside for later and unless I have an organized system for my magazines, it is very easy for all the reading materials to take over your coffee table. So I suggest creating a magazine dedicated area. Everything in your home should have a “home” and so do your magazines. I like having a bin or a basket in which I can just stack them. However, you can also invest into magazine stands. It’s a great way to display your collections. Another great idea is to put them into magazine files and on the bookshelf. Just always remember to go through them. You can even label them so you can easily access them. I like to combine the basket option and put one in the guest bathroom and one in the living room by the couch. And I use the magazine files for my collections.