Safe Toddler Space

When I had one child only, I did not mind getting up at dinner and getting a fork or a cup or more juice from the kitchen. I did not even realize at the time that most of my time was running around between my toddler and the kitchen. I am surprised how I was even able to finish a meal. To tell you the truth, most of the times I did not. However, now with two small children the tasks are doubled and everything is a lot harder. Most moms I think will agree that we become “octopus hands”. This is what my three year old described me as when I was feeding the baby, getting the older one dressed and picking up the mess off the floor all at the same time. So a while back I decided to create better organized systems where my children can be more self-efficient and in the process help mommy stay sane. Here are a few tips and suggestions:

  • Dedicate lower cabinet draws for your childrens' kitchen essentials – You want to make sure your children can reach their plates and cups any time they need to. Make sure to incorporate some draw dividers and plastics bins so things are not over flowing. Use a different cabinet draw for larger flat plates. So next time your little one says, “Mommy, can you please get me a cup?” You now can show them where they are and teach them the process of being organized.
  • No Mud Room, No Problem! Create your entry way into a kid friendly zone! I love Command hooks because you don’t damage your walls and you can move them around the house when you are changing your décor. I used three larger hooks for my kids’ back packs and jackets. This way kids don’t throw them on the floor when they come into the house. Also, you can use a basket or a bin for every day shoes. You can even have a few different size bins for every member of the family. Remember, children crave structure and with a little creativity and a few reminders, you will see how they also will enjoy their personalized areas.
  • Transition Basket – Incorporate a basket in every area where your children like to play. If you don’t have the time to clean up, just put everything in that basket. It cleans the mess really quickly. With busy schedules, families often don’t have the time to clean up every day. So when it is time to clean, you grab the basket and distribute everything that is in there back to its original place. Make sure to find pretty baskets that go with your décor, but stay away from buying multiples to avoid a basket over load. 
  • Shoe Organizer Has Multiple Purposes – Use the over the door shoe organizer for your little one’s things. I love to put everything that my daughters use on a regular basis like sunblock, hair brushes, accessories, dolls, etc. They no longer waste morning time looking for things and instead love independency and ability to get things themselves. In the past I also used the shoe organizer for school project essentials like glue, scissors, decorations, and paper. If your place allows it, let your creativity flow.
  • Girls’ Bow Overload – Make sure you place the bows in order and at eye level so you can see the different colors and your little ones can reach them. If you don’t have pretty ribbons to put your bows on, then you can use curtains, blinds, and anything else that you can clip bows on. Getting dressed in the morning becomes a lot like dress up and it saves you time from looking for that “special” bow.