4 Ways to Step into a Fresh 2016

1.  Downsize Darling.

The Holidays have come and gone, you’ve received new things and now have duplicates with some of your old items (clothes, appliances, jewelry). Use this time to replace the old with the new. Maybe you have three variations of the same sweater - toss two and keep the newest one. Got a new pair of slippers? No sense in keeping the old ones. Its time to rid yourself of excess.  Another way to make space is when packing up your holiday décor.  if there was anything you didn't use this year, odds are you will not use it next year either.  Toss it! You will go into the new year feeling lighter.  That’s a promise!


2. Make a schedule this year.

For example: A) Monday’s are for laundry; B) Tuesdays are for the windows; C)Wednesdays are for cleaning bathrooms, etc…  Even if you have limited time, a cleaning schedule will keep you on track, and your home neat.


3. Simple, saner lives.

Activities are great for the family.  Kids should always be enrolled in something whether it be sports, music, or an after school art class.  The problems start when we over extend ourselves. Make a rule this year that everyone chooses two or three activities each season that they want to participate in. Use the extra time to carve out family bonding time or just relaxing at home.


4. Resolve to save Money.

It seems a bit cliche and people tend to make this resolution quite often going into a new year, but saving money is great!  A simple and fun way to do it is the 54 week challenge.  In this challenge, each day you put at least $1 in a jar.  This time next year you will have a nice little savings to do something fun with the family!