5 Tips for Maintaining a Clean Winter Foyer

Winter can be a super messy time... from the extra boots, jackets, scarves, and gloves to the snow that gets tracked through the house. Surely, each year feels like a struggle to keep your foyer clean, free from the salty muddy outdoors, and surely, each year you promise to find a way to keep it clean and organized. This year we have five helpful hints that will help get a handle on the messy winter clutter.

1. Everyone needs a place for their winter gear. Kids can be unorganized and messy, it’s a fact of life, as can adults who have just come in from the wet and cold. Our solution, invest in cubbies or inexpensive lockers (hooks work well too) and give everyone a spot. When each family member has their own space, it makes it easier to come and go, eliminating the clutter and fight to figure out whose coat is who. As simple and personal as a gym locker, each person is responsible for their space.

2. Baskets are a great organizing tool. We like the idea of sharing baskets of scarves, gloves, and hats this way everyone can grab and go. If sharing is a problem, consider a basket for each family member to keep their winter accessories in.

3. Invest in an outdoor rug for the season. Rather than follow your kids around the house with cleaning supplies an outdoor rug is a great accessory for your foyer. Make a winter rule to wipe your feet before taking off your boots to eliminate a snowy living room. Outdoor rugs can be relatively inexpensive and easy to wash, so we recommend investing in 2 or 3 so you are never without one and the one you have always looks (relatively) clean!

4. Now, this one will be helpful all year round but especially in winter when you have layers and layers to peel off and are in a rush to dress and undress. A key box will eliminate the search in jacket pockets and kitchen counters, if the first thing you do when you walk in the door is place them inside.

5. This may seem like a no brainer, but our last and simplest step to keeping a clean organized entrance way is a box of clorox wipes. They give you the power to do a once over when things get really messy, and spot clean little areas of dirt and snow. Using these once or twice a day eliminates the need for a major cleaning day and allows you to start fresh each morning!