How to Clean and Organize Your Bags and Purses for Everyday Use

December is busy enough with end-of-year work deadlines, vacations and holiday festivities.  Do yourself a little favor and clean out your bag.

Following these tips will not only save you time that you may normally spend looking for a specific item or switching purses, they will also give you peace of mind that you won't forget anything you need to take with you everywhere you go.

Start by dumping out the bag on the floor in your house.  One pile for garbage, one for things that don’t belong in your bag and one for things that do.

Take the stuff that is essential to your day and put each category in separate piles – personal care,  pens / paperwork,  coupons, wallet, whatever makes sense to you.  

Put each category in its own tiny bag (use a zip lock, small drawstring or tiny makeup bags).  Your wallet is probably big enough to stand on its own.  This way when you switch purses or from briefcase to purse you can just move over your little bags of essentials to the new bag.  

Coupons / merchant “club” cards – don’t just rubberband these together if you use them frequently.  Buy an index card organizer with tab cards at Target or Staples (can be less than $5).  Keep the coupon organizer in your car instead of your bag so it's always ready for a shopping trip. Now, you are ready too!

Happy Holidays!