Tips for an Organized Family Kitchen

The kitchen is the central hub of a home. It's the place where families share meals, kids do homework, and probably entertain. It’s also the place where most important papers end up. That's why a key to an organized household is an organized kitchen/office space. Most families keep a small desk in the kitchen area.  This is generally a place to coordinate schedules, do homework, work, store important papers and sometimes even have a computer for quick searches. We’ve got some sure fire tips to keep your space neat and organized so you never lose another permission slip or important piece of paper again.


First, make a space for charging electronics. Nobody wants to trip over cords as they are rushing around the house. We also find adding shelving space can be beneficial.  Each family member can even have their own shelf so as to avoid confusing each others important items. If this space has been chosen as the “epicenter” of the home, make sure it is just for that.  A great rule would be no food or drink in the “office space”.


Next, create a filing system. Think of this as your “in” and “out” bin.  It can be used for bills that need to be paid, papers that need to be signed, or calls that need to be made. With all papers in one place you will always know what you need to do and when.


Think about the bigger picture.  By this we mean create a monthly family calendar.  We recommend a dry eraser board for those ever changing schedules. Keeping a calendar with the families activities in a central location like the kitchen will help with staying on top of your daily activities.

Bulletin boards are a great way to keep track of loose items. We love a bulletin board for tickets to sports games and shows - this way it is always visible.

Binders may seem old school, but if each member of the family has their own, it's a sufficient way to keep track of calendars, schedules, rosters, and even school lunch menus.

Lastly, think storage, whether you use baskets or a wall unit, de-clutter your space with easy storing options.