Spring Cleaning Your Garage

The weather is warming up and the sun is starting make make its way out. It’s almost officially spring and time to come out of hibernation! Your spring cleaning list is definitely long, but as the weather gets warmer you can finally step into that cold garage, let a breeze in and give some attention to one room that desperately needs it. Open the door and start organizing with our tips to get you spring time ready.


Check out the Mess: Pick a nice day to pull everything out of the garage and take inventory; once you do this you’ll notice a ton of things you no longer need. Make a yard sale / donate pile for anything you have multiples of or items you haven't used in the at least the past 3 years.

Deep Clean: Once the garage is cleared out, before putting everything you are keeping, its important to give the space a solid cleaning. This is the best way to wash away the winter mess and start fresh for spring.

Understand the Space: Now that the garage is empty assess the space. It's important to visualize where you want everything to go. Categorize all of the items going back into the garage and put them away. Also, designate areas for specific items you need regular access to —yard tools, for instance.

Storage: Consider putting up wall storage and a wall board. This will make for easy access to items you need, it will also ensure you don’t lose anything. When each item has a designated spot, you will always be able to find it.

Out with the Cold: Pack away cold weather items, like sleds for the kids, snow blowers, and shovels. If you have space, designate a location in the garage for storage. If not, move these items to an attic or basement where they will not be in the way.

Now that your garage is up to par, you can easily go about the next steps to your spring cleaning to do list.