How to Organize your Summer Trip

Here are five tips on how to plan ahead for your summer trip, get in and out of the airport easily, and ensure that your travels are organized and stress free so you can focus on that itinerary. 

1. Budget. In order to make sure you have enough money for your trip, its important to plan ahead, in other words… plan a budget. Use online sources such as travel sites to find great deals on hotels, flights, rental cars, or whatever else you may need. 

2. Once you have a budget, make sure you’re paper work is in order. This includes checking passport expiration dates, working with you cell provider to make any necessary changes and of course, making copies of everything… you never know when you may need them.

3. Book Accommodations. It’s always good to book with ample time, we recommend at least a 2-week window in which you book everything you will need for your trip. Again, look towards travel sites in order to find the best deals. To put it simply, book your stay, secure your round trip tickets, book a rental car, and purchase tickets to activities. 

4. Pack for your vacation. You should pack for your trip a day or two before departure. This gives you time to do laundry, make last minute shopping trips, and reconsider based on the weather at your destination. You will need to pack enough shoes, clothes, toiletries and accessories to make it through the duration of your trip, and its also important to consider extras. 

5. If you’re flying, consider what you will need on the flight. Books, iPads, and games for the kids. 

6. Finally, plan your departure. Know what time you plan to leave in order to make your flight, arrange car services or taxi’s in the case you won’t be driving yourself, and finally have fun!