Here's What it Takes to Get Your Life Organized in 2017


As we embark on a new year, we can’t help but think about resolutions and goals for the new year. Getting organized is one of top categories people put on their list. In fact, getting organized is the sixth most popular resolution with 18 percent of Americans cleaning up their act, according to the recent survey by Nielson. Personally, I think that number is much higher, but fewer people are ready to admit that they need better organization in their lives.

But just think about what your mind can do when your space is aligned (one of my favorite quotes by yours truly)!


Here are my few tips on getting organized not just in the new year, but at any time:

Tip 1: Don’t wait for a perfect time, just start! There is a never perfect time for anything. Its not like all of a sudden you will be cleared of all the daily responsibilities and tasks and have all the time in the world to just attend to your space to declutter and organize. If you don’t start, you will never get to your ideal destination.


Tip 2: Choose your lifestyle! Being organized is a lifestyle, it’s a process and not a quick fix. Once you declutter your area, maintaining it is just as important, but it will require less time and effort to do so. So if you want to live a life fully, eat meals at the table with your family, save more, find what you need when you want it, and have a more clarity, then it is a lifestyle that you are choosing.


Tip 3: Ask for help! Not everyone is blessed with organizing gene or know how to keep a place in order. You might be too busy with work, the family, after school activities, school, social calendar and the list goes on. You might have recently experienced a tragedy in your family and your focus has shifted. Just know that there are people ready and happy to help. Besides professional organizers, you can ask family and friends to help. Ask your children to pitch in with the chores. Hire someone to help you with the laundry once a week. Whatever it is, just know that once you identify a problem, you can then seek out a solution.

Hope these tips are helpful to you! For more specific tips please read our other blogs or send us a question. Now go get organized!