How to Plan Your Week Efficiently and Effectively

Have you ever forgotten to sign that permission slip so your child could go on the school trip? Have you ever forgotten to pay the parking ticket before the due date and then had to pay additional late fees as well? It happens to many people.  If you are organized, it is less likely to happen. 

Being organized is a conscious decision. I truly believe it is a lifestyle a person chooses to live. Although being organized is not easy, with it comes a great level of satisfaction, accomplishment, success, and enjoyment - not to mention you save more.  

So how do you get organized?  Plan your time wisely.  When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  

So here are three easy steps on how to plan for the week:


Step 1: At the end of each week and beginning of next week, sit down and write down all the things you need to do for that week. Make sure to write it in the notebook and not on a piece of paper. This is your central and main portal for planning, your master list. If you have more than one category of responsibilities, break them down into more specific ones like: family, work, finances, etc., but don’t get too specific. You should not have more than 4 categories max. 

Step 2: Each morning, on a piece of a paper or index card, write down what you need to do for that day only. Use your master list to guide you.  Every day is different.  This way you know what you can and cannot accomplish based on your schedule.  If new things pop up, put them on the master list first.  I notice people make the mistake of not referring to the master list throughout the week and instead prioritize new things that pop up - never completing items on the master list. Make sure you have a master list for the week and a daily list that you can scratch off and toss at the end of the day.

Step 3: Understand that there is no such thing as perfection. You will most likely not get everything on the list done.  However, what is important is that you are getting items done on your list and that you have a clear course of action of the things you need to accomplish.  Focus on what you can control.  With time, you will realize that you are accomplishing more with the list than without it.  Also, you will no longer send your child to a school’s book fair without money or forget snack day!