An Overview in Organizing Bedroom & Linen Closets

Linen Closet

In those linen closets with smaller amounts of space to work with, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with a combination of multiple items. Often times a small closet will be used for more than just linens. Space is always a concern when living in New York, so you have to get creative, but keep it functional. For example, I use my linen closet for linens, toiletries, house supplies, tools, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items. So categorizing everything and separating into its own separate bins and baskets is what keeps my linen closet organized. Besides, you don’t want to mix your linens with cleaning supplies. A good option is to use clear bins, such as ones found at The Container Store and purchase them in various sizes as needed for grouping similar sized and purpose items in it’s own bin. Other useful styles such as woolen baskets and green deep bins, also from Container Store, give you large capacity functionality for single or very few space consuming things you can spot quickly without a label . Over time, (designated according to the amount or type of items stored there) it is good practice to rotate them from room to room and closet to closet based on what the needs are. And last but not least, the best type of label to place on all bins are chalk labels, with the help of chalk markers meaning you can erase and repurpose any bins for as often as you see fit, so everyone in your family can help themselves without asking, “Honey, where is the soap?”


A bedroom in most people’s view is a place where you’d want to come and relax. A TV Console from Home Goods could be used to repurpose as storage decor, with your own unique functionality changes to it. You can add your framed photos or swap tabletop decor that is simple in purpose and calming aesthetically instead of a TV. The options are quite vast when it comes to choosing various purposes for console furniture, and whatever you do can effectively motivate or increase mindfulness or fulfilling excitement when you wake up in any average morning, before you start another busy day. For those who like to explore new and inventive decorating ideas, you can quickly find an abundance of inspiration from Pinterest. Products used in this example feature some frames from Ikea, as well as others found at Home Goods and to add an additional personal touch you can even customize frames from Michael’s with colors or lettering designs using stencils and high quality ink pens or markers suited for this purpose.



These drawer organizer dividers are such an easy and affordable way to divide and maintain any undergarments, and you can purchase them from The Container Store. They make it simple to keep order and have easy access and view to all items. As shown here you can organize accordingly by separating pairs of underwear by color, type, fabric, or any easy to group and put bras into carton box. You can also use empty shoe boxes to separate items such as various accessories or undergarments like pantyhose or lingerie. For pairs of jeans and shorts storage, a good method to try is fold tightly and stack them side by side to maintain the least amount of space for more pairs, while easily displaying each one to pull out without having to move or re-fix the others. This storage technique also works just as well with your shirts and tanks designated drawer. This way you can maintain a neat assortment of items that you can choose easily what to wear without spending time looking for something.


Bedroom Organization Product Highlight: The Affordable Ikea Wardrobe Closet

For bedrooms of various closet space that may be less than ideal for smaller accessories, you have options if you want to store everything together for full access. Ikea has introduced a series of wardrobes and separately purchased organizing parts that can piece together a free standing (or wall mounted) frame that offers generous space and personalization.

There is the option of black or white to better match overall color scheme of the room’s furniture or decor. This wardrobe was chosen in black color because white was decided to not be the best choice to go with when living in a home with small children.

The freestanding frame means freedom to move it to other areas of the home, making it easy to re-purpose. An excellent means of storing functionality gives you the means to no longer have to rotate items seasonally. The added modifications have introduced a number of seamless methods of storage, with options becoming more robust and tailored to your liking, and it all hooks in and out securely as long as it is part of the same collection of the frame, meaning you don’t have to be stuck with one set of drawers in the same column forever, or removal of hooks to increase space for hanging lengthier garments.

The wardrobe featured here has a compact frame but when opened, can fit so much more without the need for rummaging for anything.


The next series of various styles are just an introduction to a wide array of options, but immediately noticeable is the minimalist style exterior with neutral colors, and combinations of door styles, cases, and smaller in-drawer or over the door dividers. It shows just how much of the interior is being used to store and display as much as possible with different systems. The final result? Nothing cluttered, just neatly placing your items in their own spot, always ready for the next time you need them, and always found right where you left them.