How to Organize the Transition to Autumn and Going Back to School: Entryway Edition

September!  Back to School!

Time to exchange the beach towels for the backpacks!  Whether it’s school for everyone and / or back to a normal work schedule, it’s time to pack the summer things away and pull out the fall items.


Start at the most popular point of entry to your home.   OR the entry that you are bound and determined for everyone to use starting this fall!  This is the area you need to organize and prepare for the frenzy of fall activities.  The schedule will immediately be packed until late December so it’s wise to get yourself ready NOW so you aren’t completely stressed out. Then tackle the backpack issues.  

Take a look at your command station for the kids’ stuff – whether it’s a mudroom, basement or your main entry hall.   Make sure each child has a cubby, hooks, whatever you can provide so that their daily stuff stays organized.  Nothing is worse than an early morning fervent search for the essential school item.  Even if the space is the main coat closet, give the children a space for their backpack and shoes so that they can be in control of their stuff.   

⦁    Remove all summer items, clean them and put away.  Beach towels, snorkels, beach bags, water balloons, etc.  And while you are at it, throw away those things that are no longer useful.  Will you use the inflatable pool doughnut next June?  If it was bought at the dollar store is it worth cleaning and storing?  Toss sunscreen; it’s virtually useless after several months.  

⦁    Clean the area with a vacuum and wipes, furniture polish, whatever.  If you have the time and the need, touch up paint in this area and / or clean the baseboards.  

⦁    Survey the area and determine what you need to keep things in order.  It’s great to have seating to put on shoes / take off boots, receptacles for each family member’s shoes, etc.  You also need at least one hook for each family member’s jacket and / or backpack or tote bag.  You might also consider a shelf, basket, mirror.  Take a little while to think about what items are continuously brought into / out of the door for activities.  Sports equipment, musical instruments, dog leash / waste bags, school backpacks.  

⦁    Also think about what this space needs to keep it clean.  A floor mat is necessary, especially if you have hard wood floors in this area.  I prefer a mat that does not have a rubber backing so it can easily be machine washed and dried.  And have 2 for the wet, messy weather ahead.

⦁    BONUS – if you have the space, it is also nice to have a homework supply station near the entryway.  This would be a flat basket or tray for each child, along with a container with pens, pencils, scissors, erasers, tape, paperclips, stapler, etc.  Then children can leave parent notes here and / or assignments that need to go back to school.   

The above tips will help get you and your kids off to a great school year.  Just stick to your organization.  What a beautiful morning when everyone leaves home with everything they need in their respective bags for a successful day!