In 2015, I appeared on Live It Up! with Donna Drake on WLNY to share how to organize your home using the tools you already have.

Organizing doesn’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t require expensive containers or stylish storage. Here are a few tips on how you can utilize the items you already have around the house for home organization — just in case you missed my appearance on Live It Up!


Muffin Pans

Every household has small items that litter the corners of kitchen drawers and hide underneath kids’ beds. Muffin pans — the kind you’d use for cupcakes — are a great way to sort and organize a variety of small items.

If you have kids, you probably have a substantial LEGOs collection. The little blocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some LEGOs belong to specific building kits while others can be applied to any at-home engineering project.

Use the 12 insets in your muffin pans to sort your LEGOs by type, shape or color. For long-term LEGO storage, stack the muffin pans in a large drawer or plastic storage container. The same technique can be applied to any collection of tiny things. Keep like items together while separating them by type.

For your garage, organize nails, screws and bolts. In your kitchen, keep party accessories like wine toppers and napkin rings organized. For your bathroom, use the muffin pan to sort through and tidy your medicine cabinet. You could even organize your jewelry collection with the same strategy.


Pool Noodles

Water noodles — the colorful, floatable pool accessory — can be used for more than lounging around on a summer day.


In a week or two, you’ll more than likely pack up your fall and winter boots for storage over summer. If stored upright, boots can lose their shape. Gravity causes the ankle of the boot to become weak and wrinkled.

Boot shapers prevent your boots from becoming damaged but can cost upwards of $20 for each pair. Skip the fancy version and use pool noodles instead. Simply cut the pool noodle to the right length for each pair. Then, as you put your boots away for winter, place a segment into each boot.


Get Creative

Don’t be afraid to think creatively when it comes to organizing. You don’t need a large budget to create an organized home for you and your family. Simply look around and put the items you already own to good use!