Here’s what our clients had to say about their personal experiences working with I Love Organized Space.


Highlighted Testimonial

Katia made me feel comfortable as soon as I hired her, she came into my house and really helped me maximize my space along with teaching me her system of strategic organizing.
— AJ M.

Penelope B. - Yonkers, NY

What I hired them for:
Working with Katia and her team was one of the highlights of 2015. ILOS fully deserves the 5 stars - if not more. I worked them over a concentrated period of several months to organize my two-story house prior to having my mother move in after a fall left her unable to continue living independently. The project included de-cluttering and reorganizing:
mother-in-law basement apartment
3 bedrooms
2 kitchens
3 closets
Back porch & two outdoor storage sheds
In addition she and her team helped to organize the sorting, packing, moving and storage of the contents of my Mom's 1 bedroom apartment. I subsequently hired ILOS again to assist with sorting papers and setting up a new consolidated filing system. I would not have been able to accomplish these projects - and certainly not within the necessary time frame - on my own.
How they earned 5 stars:
Competitive pricing & value - I found their estimates to be accurate in terms of effort required. The team worked diligently while they were on site and we always met our stated target by the end of each session. Katia made a point to review the checklist with me at regular intervals to ensure we were still on the same page. I appreciate the fact that they offer volume discounts.

Service Consistency & Reliability - Whether it was the owner herself who worked with me or one of her employees who took a session, everything was run according to the same methodology. The employees came to their sessions well informed about what was on the check list for that day. This made it very easy to pick up where the prior session left off and made the whole process more efficient. Everyone arrived on time for their scheduled sessions.

Network of Related Service Providers - ILOS handled the drop off of bags of smaller donations and placed all trash bags at the curb. However for larger items Katia has cultivated a network of reliable people who handle storage, moving, and donations at favorable rates. In some cases I used my own contacts but I was very happy with the moving and storage company that she put us in touch with.

• Sensitivity / EQ- Moving and decluttering has a big emotional component. Each person has their own way of dealing with the years of memories that are being sorted through and let go of ( especially when someone is transitioning from living alone to moving back in with family). I appreciated that Katia was able to nuance her approach so that we continued to complete the project without causing undue friction and hard feelings.

Alfredo B. - Bronx, NY

If you need to get organized, do not hesitate to call Katia. She will provide great ideas and a nice vision of how your apartment would look organized. Katia, thanks for setting up the dining area. It's our favorite area of the apartment.

Julianna D. - New Rochelle, NY

I Love Organized Space provided solutions for every problem area in my home. No more clutter. Everything has a space of its own that makes sense and is easy to use. Now everything is running smoothly.

Sharon L. - Bronx, NY

My organizer was knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient, completing the job in about half the time that I expected. I am very pleased.

Susan T. - Brooklyn, NY

Professional, prompt, and knowledgeable!

Maggie M. - Bronx, NY

I would like to thank you for sending Marina to my house this past Sunday. She did such a WONDERFUL job, I am super excited for the way the apartment looks. Marina is wonderful, organized, patient and gets the job done! She manages her time well!

Bianca P. - NYC

I recommend Katia's service to all my friends, both for helping with seasonal cleaning and tiding up as well as for bigger jobs like a house move. Apart from working efficiently (and very quickly) to leave our house organized, Katia is very good at tailoring her services and advices to the individual needs of each client. At this stage, I don't think we can do without her!"

Ashley S. - Rye, NY

I could not have moved and settled in so fast without the help of Katia, Marina and Teresa from I Love Organized Space. Now, in my new house there is a place for everything and it is all functional. I was completely overwhelmed. After I Love Organized Space finished my closet, I cried. It was the nicest gift that I have ever been given. I did not realize how impossible it was to find things before and how much better life could be. Now my closet looks like a clothing store. After we did my daughter's room which seemed messy but fine before, I was brought to tears again because I realized her old room looked so messy and terrible and she deserved a cute clean room and that is what she now has. Now we have rules about what is allowed upstairs so that the rooms never get cluttered with arts and crafts, etc again. Katia gave me great ideas and the whole experience was eye opening. I have recommended her services to all my friends and our interior designer because you cannot design until you organize.

Deborah L. - New York, NY

I used feel very helpless about getting my apartment organized. After my session, I finally feel empowered that I can maintain order and organization in my apartment. I feel that one of the biggest barriers to my success and self-esteem has been overcome.


Highlighted Testimonial

Katia patiently, yet efficiently help me eliminate items that I didn’t know I need to part with. She offered organizational solutions that best utilized my space and containers that I already possessed. In addition, she emailed me a shopping list of additional storage options.
— Rashida B.

Shira G. - Jersey City, NJ

Katia tamed my crazy closet! She helped me to part with unneeded clutter and gave me tips I needed to keep my stuff organized on my own. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to reduce clutter and get organized!

Ron L. - New York, NY

I'm not one to endorse many products or services. When one changes your quality of life like Katia's organizer Marina did, I am obligated to share my success with I LOVE ORGANIZED SPACE. Marina came into my home at the end of December and worked non-stop. I was amazed at her ability to assess, recommend, and be so personable as we went through decades of accumulation for which I clearly had no need. I miss none of it! Not only that, my living space is now better organized and clutter-free because of Marina. I enjoy coming home and it keeps getting better. I LOVE ORGANIZED SPACE is something I can say now about the business and where I live! Thank you Katia and Marina for the amazing impact you've had on my quality of life.

Gabriella A. - New York, NY

I found the website by google. I call the company and right away they hook me up. We sync our schedule and Teresa come to my house and help me to organize my bedroom. Overall I recommend this service.

Judy S. - Rego Park, NY

I can not say enough wonderful things about Marina and Katia! Marina helped to tackle an overloaded apartment- 2 bedrooms, closets, a storage unit, and drawers that had been overstuffed for 15-20 years. She was very respectful of our belongings and would make suggestions about what to get rid of, not demanding that we throw something out. Her personality was cheerful and both she and Katia loved the challenge of our apartment. The system of putting things into baskets for you to sort was brilliant. You could see what you have in a small pile versus looking at the whole bookcase or closet. It made it less intimidating. It was also extremely helpful that they would take the garbage or donations with them so that you did not have time to over think getting rid of the items. Because of their help, we were able to have our whole apartment painted for the first time in over 18 years! I would and have recommended I Love Organized Space to my friends and family.

Annemarie S.G. - Pelham, NY

I just had an organizing session with Katia Bogomolova and I can not recommend her enough! I had her come in and help me with my son's room which was a disaster. I was afraid she was going to tell me I needed a new closet system, a new dresser, etc. and instead she helped me work with what he had. I now know how to put clothes in the drawer so you can see what you have. We not only cleaned out the clutter, she gave me a system to use. I started with her two hour package and it was so worth it. I like de-cluttering but she took it to a new level. I highly recommend her!

Liz F. - Pelham, NY

In only 3 visits katia and her team have made my home a noticeably more organized, more efficient and more pleasant place to be. They help you pare down your belongings to maximize function and space, their services are addictive!

Bianca P. - New York, NY

Katia left my wardrobe so neat that I can now pick my daily outfit in seconds. I only have clothes that I love and they are organized in a way that I can easily choose among them. Katia is also very discrete with her suggestions, recognizing that clients have different needs and opinions.

Maxine S. - NJ

I found Katia and "I Love Organized Space" through an online promotion. I'm so glad I did!! We had recently moved and my 9 year old daughter's room was a disaster. Her bedroom was half filled with stuff that had been unpacked and just left, and there were lots of moving boxes. Katia was so patient and kept me so calm. She was very methodical and encouraging. We made great progress, including sorting through everything on the floor, putting it all in its place and even getting to unpacking and organizing more boxes. This was all in just a few hours. She also had great recommendations on ideas and things I could work on after she left. I highly recommend her and can't wait to have her come to my home again!

Marijane F. - Pelham, NY

I call the talents of Katia Bogomolova of I Love Organized Space, "changes you can live with," - not only is she brimming with great tips and ideas, but real, workable solutions you can incorporate into your own household's habits and see real results! Our whole family benefited from the very first session and we have been following her good advice (just five minutes a day can make significant changes) and it works!

Renee S. - NJ

I was skeptical that I could ever get my room organized, but Katia changed all that when she helped to make my room into a more livable breathable space.


Highlighted Testimonial

I had tons of paper, clothes, toys and even tupperware that I was so attached to and didn’t want to give away. We went room by room to de-clutter, which made me feel less overwhelmed and more empowered to take back my space.
— LaTrenda V.

Martina H. - White Plains, NY

My basement was a total disaster until I found Katia! After a few hours my basement became a neat,tidy and functional space. This greatly helped us sell our house in only a month!

Tony S. - Harlem, NY

I can finally see my entire wood floor, and that's because everything is organized.

LaTrenda V. - Bronx, NY

Katia came into my chaotic life at a time when I was getting ready to go through some challenges. I had tons of paper, clothes, toys and even tupperware that I was so attached to and didn't want to give away. We went room by room to de-clutter, which made me feel less overwhelmed and more empowered to take back my space. At the end of each session, Katia assigns homework to be completed between sessions so that I see a greater benefit. The best before and after pics yet are my linen closet, kitchen cabinets, and bedroom drawers. Every item has a functional home and is a pleasure to look at. I am forever grateful to have found Katia because she is my greatest investment!

Aliya N. - New Rochelle, NY

Whenever someone asks me for a referral for housekeeping, I immediately recommend Katia and I Love Organized Space. She expertly disarmed the clutter that was ruining my home and gave me the framework for long-term maintenance. I enjoyed every minute of working with her to transform my families space and lives. Housekeeping is for maintenance, I love Organized Space is for establishing the framework for an organized home.

Valli F. - Harlem, NY

I find Katia to be efficient, and effective. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services.

Elizabeth K. - New York, NY

I feel amazing today! Shocked had that much to donate since just did a purge last month! Thank you!

Trena D. - Jersey City, NJ

Moving can be one of the most challenging life experiences. Over the years we accumulate so many things and for most people, the more you have, the less organized you are. Katia brought a fresh perspective to our relocation. She is disciplined and extremely committed to transitioning spaces from chaos and clutter to order and functionality. She was a smart addition to our process and we continue to leverage her savvy ideas at home, at work, and at play.

Iris V. - Brooklyn, NY

Katia is amazing when organizing. I feel so much better about the space around me. My rooms were chaotic at first making me feel gloomy at times but once I was able to get Katia's help and get everything organized I no longer felt that way. I love and want to keep my organized space thanks to Katia.

Hillary W. - Queens, NY

Katia is not so much an organizer as a magician! She did a "disappearing act" on all of the things in my kitchen that I didn't need (like something I hadn't noticed had expired 3 years ago!) and gave me a nice, organized and easy to use system for my cabinets and cupboards. I can face facts; organization is not my strong suit, but I've been able to keep everything Katia did in tact for over a month now because she made it so practical and painless. I've used other organizers, but no one knew how to handle my A.D.D. attention span like Katia. She's head and shoulders above anyone else I've used & I highly recommend her.

Linda B. - New York, NY

‘The best investment we've ever made!’ That was the comment my husband made after working with Katia Bogomolova. We've lived in our apartment for 20 years and the clutter was getting out of hand. Over a series of sessions, Katia de-cluttered and organized all of our apartment: kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom, bedroom and office. We were so pleased we had her de-clutter our storage unit! We highly recommend Katia Bogomolova.


Highlighted Testimonial

Katia worked with my children and taught them the organizing system. They loved the process and were very involved and as a result, their rooms are now de-cluttered, organized, and efficient.
— Amanda S.

Anitra H. - Mount Vernon, NY

It has been a challenge containing the clutter with three young children. As Christmas approached I cringed at the thought of bringing in even more toys. Working with Katia I was able to not only get control of the toy clutter, but to organize my kitchen and closets as well. The transformation has truly been amazing!

Amanda S. - New York, NY

Having a busy career and being a full time mom, I needed help with getting my kids' rooms organized. Katia worked with my children and taught them the organizing system. They loved the process and were very involved and as a result, their rooms are now de-cluttered, organized, and efficient.

Marcia H. - Brooklyn, NY

Just a quick thank you for the job that you did in my apartment....it actually saved my life. Because of you I organized my car and my workplace, and both are so much easier for me. I wholeheartedly recommend you, and feel free to give out my phone number to any prospective clients...You're the BEST!!

Elana R. - New York, NY

Katia is a true professional. I still can't believe how much we got done in such a short amount of time. She is nonjudgmental, energetic, and realistic. Katia impressed me with her ability to quickly utilize resources within my apartment! I can't recommend Katia enough!

Marion K. - NJ

She is wonderful, knowledgeable, fun, and caring with your stuff.

Jim G. - White Plains, NY

Dear Katia, I want to thank you so much for helping me organize my office. As you know, I was given your organizational expertise as a holiday gift. Before my home office was painted, I decided to use you in organizing my office which had been a disaster for years. I never could find anything; it was a disorganized mess. You were the Mary Poppins of organization and just as kind and efficient. With your help, I disposed of three huge garbage bags of items which you convinced me I could do without. I was so pleased you were able to donate some of those of items to local charities. With the items that remained, you were able to place them back into my office where you organized them in containers and made it easy to find. It is now a pleasure to walk into my neat freshly organized office. Our next project is going to be the basement which I know you will help me do an outstanding job.

Regina D. - Dobbs Ferry, NY

Katia was so kind and loving the way she explained the de-cluttering process. She immediately got back to me with referral that she thought would be helpful to me.

Pamela F. - Harlem, NY

I've never used a professional organizer before, and I must admit, I got a lot more than I expected--I got several hours of therapy along with my organization. Letting go, Getting rid of, and Starting a new!

Martina H. - White Plains, NY

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me organize my cluttered mess of a basement. It is now neat and organized. My husband was shocked to see the finished prouct. I have shared your information with some friends. Good luck and happy holidays!

Tiffany B. - Harlem, NY

Katia is fantastic! I hired her for 5 more sessions!


Highlighted Testimonial

Hiring Katia was a way of helping me enjoy being in the kitchen again. I was over the moon about Katia’s positivity, her ambitiousness to get everything done in the time allotted and her creativity in fitting everything into my tiny kitchen and even finding me extra space!
— Laura B.

Yulanda T. - Brooklyn, NY

Katia has done in two hours what I couldn't do in 7 years...organize my space and destroy the clutter. She showed me how to take old containers and turn them into functional organizers. Katia had a vision for my room that I couldn't see due to the clutter. I greatly appreciate her help. Friendly and patient, she was a God send for me.

Ann M. - New York, NY

I have worked with organizers before and I find Katia super adept and efficient…and a pleasure to work with. I didn’t know whether she would have the special/design sense to help out in my new office, but she did a superb job and had creative ideas and solutions. Freeing up the clutter and having great places for things frees up the mind! I am going to use Katia for my home now as well.

Steven and Heather P. - Bayside, NY

Thank you so much Katia! We are thrilled that you were able to assist us in creating more space within our home. We accomplished so much that day with you. You were professional, courteous and understanding of our needs. You really helped to transform our storage and closet space, which is very much needed with our child. Thank you again!

Rashida B. - New Rochelle, NY

Katia did an amazing job organizing my walk-in bedroom closet. I'm one of those women that has a lot of clothes, shoes, accessories, you name it. Despite trying to manage my closet on my own, I needed her professional help. Katia patiently, yet efficiently help me eliminate items that I didn't know I need to part with. She offered organizational solutions that best utilized my space and containers that I already possessed. In addition, she emailed me a shopping list of additional storage options. By the time she left my closet looked completed new, minimized and organized. The best part is 6 weeks later... it still looks the same. She definitely did something right.

Laura B. - Brooklyn, NY

I'm an avid cook and enjoy being in the kitchen so imagine my surprise when it felt stressful using it because I felt my kitchen stuff was outgrowing my kitchen. Hiring Katia was a way of helping me enjoy being in the kitchen again. I was over the moon about Katia's positivity, her ambitiousness to get everything done in the time allotted and her creativity in fitting everything into my tiny kitchen and even finding me extra space! I can't thank her enough.

Antoinette S. - New Rochelle, NY

A BIG THANK YOU for everything. I really appreciated your help. My husband thinks I did it alone, so it will be our little secret.

Jeselle E. - New Rochelle, NY

I was not capable of letting "things" go without a story as to why I had to hold onto it. Katia came into my home and with love, gently pushed me to clear the clutter and make space for amazing things. I have learned from her organizational techniques that I now use every day to keep my home in order. As all things, it is a work in progress, and I feel completely confident knowing that when in doubt I can ask myself what would Katia do! She has saved my space, cleared my space and worked with me on making space for new and extraordinary things to come in. She is an organizational queen!

Kally B. - Bayside, NY

Katia thank you so much for organizing my bedroom. My lifestyle can get very busy and when that happens my living space gets out of control. I then feel so stuck and overwhelmed. Organizing my shelves opened up sooo much for me. The system you use is so brilliant and simple. You kept me very focused and things just fell into place. As a result, not only did we create a designated space for my health supplements, makeup and hair things impacted my business. We organized my prospects and I booked a meeting with a client the very same day as a result! I also feel more grounded and creative as well. Thank you for teaching me how to be naturally organized. I am eternally grateful to you!

AJ M. - Fresh Meadows, NY

Organizing my living space has been something that I have been neglecting for quite some time. It’s common to get busy with life and to just throw your belongings all over the house. It wasn't until I met Katia and was exposed to her amazing organizational expertise. She totally changed the way I put my “stuff” away. Katia made me feel comfortable as soon as I hired her, she came into my house and really helped me maximize my space along with teaching me her system of strategic organizing.

At first, when Katia contacted me, I was a bit uncertain as to what was going to happen. Like anyone, I was a bit nervous that stranger was going to come into my house and go through my belongings and pick what was worthy of keeping and throwing out…On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised . Katia has a very caring demeanor. She came into my house and methodically taught me how to organize and set up my house for maximal efficiency. Time literally flew by as we went through all of my belongings and put them all in the right places. I was utterly shocked by how different my house looked and how much easier it was to get to my important items. Within a few hours, I observed a tremendous difference in my space and how prior to Katia's help, I kept everything in the wrong places. It was almost magical, Katia even took a before-and-after picture of my space, and when she showed it to me, I was blown away by how much of an improvement I saw.

I thought to myself, all this time I was living in a cluttered home. Why didn't I hire her in the past? I highly recommend Katia, if you want a major change in your home or if you want to de-clutter or open up some space, she is “the” person to go to! I'm grateful to have found my new mentor for organization; I've since noticed a huge difference, not only in my productivity, but in my sense of clarity with my surroundings. Consult with Katia NOW, she will completely transform your home for the better!